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Automated Rent Collections with GoCardless

Automated Rent Collections with GoCardless

Get paid on time with automated Direct Debit services provided by GoCardless

Why choose GoCardless?

Once set up, just send a link to your tenant so they can set up a Direct Debit straight into your bank account.

Meaning rent gets paid on time, every time!

Landlords Increasing Rent
Payment Status

Full visibility on payments.

GoCardless allows you to view the status of each Direct Debit so you know where you’re up to with rental collection.

Also, with GoCardless’ Success+ Feature, failed payments will intelligently retry, increasing the chances of getting paid.

Save hours of admin work!

Every time a payment is set up with GoCardless, your tenant will receive a link so they can set their own Direct Debit details.

No more fiddling around with payment platforms to monitor the status of your payments. With GoCardless, it’s easier than ever before!

Have You Got Time To Manage Your Own Properties
Setting Ground Rules as a Landlord

Trusted by over 75,000 businesses.

GoCardless is a reliable Direct Debit provider that can be implemented to streamline your income collection.

With just a few clicks, you can collect rental fees on scheduled dates both easily and safely.

Get started in a few clicks.

Get started without any obligations. Just tell GoCardless a few details about your business for security purposes, then start collecting payments hassle-free.

Manage everything in their easy-to-use online dashboard. Or seamlessly connect to Xero, QuickBooks, or 350+ other systems to manage everything there.

Tune GoCardless up to take instant, one-off payments or to automate payments for a tenants, direct them to an online form to complete a quick, one-time setup.

GoCardless’ award-winning support team is here to help, whenever you need. Reach out by email or phone. Or check out the handy guides in GoCardless’ Customer Hub.

Save Money on Energy Bills During the Energy Crisis

Integrated with 350+ other systems.

Use GoCardless on its own with their easy-to-use online dashboard. 

Or seamlessly integrate it with the software you already use to run your business, to manage everything in one place.

GoCardless Integrations

Get paid every month, on time.

Chasing tenants to make sure payments are made on time can be frustrating. Set up GoCardless to receive your rental income when it’s due without having to follow up with tenants.

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