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Best Apps for Landlords – Why Property Management Software is Ideal

It’s no struggle that we’re all looking for the best tech.

Using the right systems and processes as Landlords can also certainly give us the upper hand!

When looking for the best app for landlords – we recommend looking at property management software like Alphaletz.

So without further ado, here’s an index of what this blog will cover and the reasons why we highly recommend property management apps over spreadsheets or other legacy systems. 

1. Save time and money.

As we speak, great property management software is being adopted across the board by modern day landlords; these types of property owners typically outperform their legacy counterparts and usually spend less whilst doing so!

A good landlord app will half the time spent on even the simplest of tasks with ease, which allows you to cover more ground, quicker- this leads to happier tenants, fuller properties, and even wider profit margins.

2. Help scale your business.

True growth needs a system that allows for unhindered expansion in order to thrive, however, unfortunately, this isn’t something that spreadsheets allow.

You’ll find that the more properties you add to a spreadsheet, the more important information becomes lost or buried under a wall of unformatted data- what a nightmare!

A clever, built for purpose landlord app will not only drastically reduce human error, but it will also allow you to share property portfolios in an instant with new members of your team.

image of a spreadsheet vs a free property management app that landlords use

3. Consolidate workflows.

As we all know, spreadsheets only offer a limited list of features which is why a lot of portfolio managers find themselves purchasing 3-4 additional software packages; not to mention extras such as task management systems & online banking portals.

A good property management app will effortlessly merge all the above software into one complete package, which means no more software juggling!

4. Get instant access to information.

When using spreadsheets, you’re usually tethered to a desktop/laptop as the sharing of spreadsheets across devices can be challenging.

Whether you’re on the move or not, great landlord apps will give you unhindered access to your entire portfolio’s performance within seconds- most tools for landlords have native mobile apps too!

mobile app for landlords

5. Remove scope for human error or technical hiccups.

When leaving your business in the hands of legacy systems, you need to be aware of the potential errors that could possibly occur; for example, if your entire property portfolio depends on access to one file, you’re walking on very thin ice! 

Another potential risk factor is the fact that spreadsheets are prone to problems like, erroneous data entry, file corruption or deletion, and data overwriting.

If this sounds like your current situation, don’t worry!

Landlord tools such as Alphaletz make everything a lot simpler because…

  1. They’re easier to look at, meaning that adding an extra 0 to a tenant’s phone number by mistake is much more detectable.
  2. They’re stored intelligently within the cloud meaning your data is more secure than ever.
  3. They’re not file based, so it’s much easier to give other colleagues or associates access without the potential of overwriting newer data.

6. Drastically save on accountancy fees.

Open Banking is arguably one of the most useful tools within any kind of Landlord Software.

Alphaletz automatically pulls through transactions visible on your bank statement so that you can match any expenses against properties; when your year end is due, you can print a rapid statement showing all expenses against properties within your portfolio!

Simply give this to your accountant, and they get an immediate snapshot of each property’s expenses, making their job 10 times easier and the invoice ten times lighter!

7. Keep on top of compliance.

One of the most important topic areas that landlord apps should cover is compliance.

Things like renewing energy or gas safety certificates for landlords can slip your mind easily as your portfolio begins to expand. 

That’s why landlord tools like Alphaletz have built-in task management systems so that you can set reminders for upcoming compliance tasks need your attention- this saves you from penalty fees or tenant complaints!

8. Making Tax Digital 2024.

Making Tax Digital 2024 is something all Landlords need to be aware of, and ready for as they will be required by law to keep digital records rather than paper-based copies. 

Landlords will need to purchase or acquire a free version of software and become familiar with it by the deadlines set by the UK Government.

Sound stressful? 

Well, luckily, Alphaletz is a system which aims to help Landlords move from paper based, or even legacy systems like spreadsheets, across to more intelligent and compliant digital systems. It’s also incredibly easy to use.

landlord solutions, hmo, property management software. property management software cloud

From as low as ÂŁ10 per month…

You can get started and reap all of the rewards listed above!

Join 1000s of UK Landlords today by making the switch to cloud based property management software.

landlord solutions, hmo, property management software. property management software cloud

From as low as ÂŁ10 per month…

You can get started and reap all of the rewards listed above!

Join 1000s of UK Landlords today by making the switch to cloud based property management software.

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