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Nicola Hammond – 4 properties

New Landlord Adopts Digital Technology to Simplify Remote Management of Properties 

By utilizing property management app, Alphaletz, Nicola has streamlined her management administration freeing up valuable time to spend on property renovations.

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for landlords to adopt digital technology in the form of apps and online platforms to manage their properties.

When Nicola Hammond, an HR Manager from Nottingham, was made redundant in 2020, she decided to invest her savings and payout in buy-to-let properties. She bought a two-bedroom house in Blyth on the Northumberland coast at auction and has since acquired three more similar houses nearby. 

“With the help of my brother, who is a trained plumber and electrician, we’ve camped in the properties while working 14-hour days on refurbishments and repairs”, says Nicola. “But I was struggling to manage everything on spreadsheets and calendars.” 

Taking Control 

For Nicola, the answer lay in Alphaletz, a cloud-based, mobile platform that helps landlords take control of every aspect of their business. 

“Cash flow is very tight at the moment. Looking at Alphaletz pricing, I thought I could do that and, having worked for a software supplier for years, I like the fact that the road map seemed to be aligned with customer demand, and that Alphaletz is constantly updating its offering” 

Nicola has been using Alphaletz from the start of her landlord journey. By entering all the property information, she is finding the app essential to keep track of the budget, particularly during the refurbishment stage. 

“I’m a remote landlord, so the thought of taking my laptop everywhere wasn’t convenient. I really wanted an app that would let me do everything from my phone.”

“Once my properties are let out Alphaletz will be a useful tool for managing the tenancies, budgeting and reminders.  It will save my time, any concerns of missing deadlines and allow ease when financial reporting is required.”

Access Information Anywhere

Alphaletz is an easy-to-use property management app that allows landlords to manage their properties and tenants from anywhere. From rent to repairs, and from pest control to house inspections, Alphaletz will make sure landlords know exactly what’s happening at each of their properties.  With the ability to set reminders on important tasks, nothing will slip through the cracks, helping landlords stay compliant and organised.

Nicola has found the app has really come into its own when working remotely. She now has vital data to hand such as contacts, financial information and utility services account numbers, saving valuable time when juggling family life and house renovations.

App Development & User Feedback

After seeing some social posts about Alphaletz, Nicola thought it was worthwhile investing her time to trial the solution as she could see the company founder, Richard Jackson, was engaging with potential users and listening to feedback.

“The app has some exciting upgrades happening in the future and every suggestion I have discussed is already on the Development Roadmap.”

In the News

Thank you to the National Residential Landlords Association – NRLA for featuring Nicola in the Spring 2021 magazine.

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