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guarantee on rental income for landlords

Rent Guarantee Insurance

Guaranteed peace of mind, provided by Alan Boswell Group.

Purchase today from just £160* per property. 💬

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What is Rent Insurance?

Rent Guarantee Insurance can be a safety net, covering legal fees and missed rental payments that can easily run into the thousands.

By purchasing rent guarantee insurance, you’re giving yourself peace of mind that you’ll be able to maintain payments and afford legal costings no matter your tenant’s situation.

Landlord Rental Guarantee Insurance from just £160 per property
Do I need rent cover as a Landlord?

Do I need Rental Guarantee Insurance?

Even the best tenants can fall into hardship.

Rent Guarantee Insurance is highly recommended to those who are liable to suffer should a tenant stop making payments.

Not only that, removing tenants that no longer pay rent can be a very expensive process. That’s why it’s important to stay covered.

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Rent Guarantee Insurance in detail.

Rent guarantee insurance is a valuable insurance policy for many landlords who want rental income protection. 

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Rent Guarantee for Landlords

What you get with Alan Boswell

Landlord Rent Guarantee Insurance from just £160* per property...

You can have full peace of mind that your rental payments are safe & secure.🔒

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