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Landlord Credit Check

Tenant Credit Check & Referencing (£17.99 + VAT)

In-depth tenant credit references and checks, provided by our partner Advanced Rent.

Need help? Advanced Rent’s dedicated referencing team are on hand to provide help and guidance. 💡

The importance of a
Landlord Credit Check

Your properties represent a significant investment, and protecting that investment begins with ensuring only the most qualified of tenants have access to your properties. 

Thoroughly vetting your tenants is one of the best ways of ensuring your rent is paid on time and the condition of your properties is maintained.

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Should I check a tenants credit score

Why use Advanced Rent for a tenant reference check?

At Advanced Rent, we provide in-depth tenant referencing that gives you a detailed insight into your prospective tenants before any financial agreements are issued. 

Our background checks determine and verify crucial information, including credit history, income, adverse credit, employment background, and much more.

What our rental credit check report covers...

Checking Tenants Credit before they move in
Checking a tenants history

Stay up to date with tenant referencing

All this information is collected and uploaded to our cloud-based reference portal, which you can access easily at any time.

The system helps you keep up to date with ongoing applications, so you are never left out of the loop.

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