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The Ultimate HMO Success System founder, Wendy Whittaker-Large interviews Alphaletz Co-founder, Richard Jackson

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The Ultimate HMO Success System – Facebook interview – with Alphaletz

If you manage HMOs, take a listen to Wendy Whittaker-Large’s interview with Richard Jackson at Alphaletz discussing new technology for landlords.

Wendy enjoys reviewing PropTech and opened the interview by commenting “I’m really excited to see new technology coming forward to help landlords move from paper to a digital environment.”

Richard Jackson explains “I’ve been in tech all my working life and always loved technology. I’ve also been a landlord for many years. Whilst working I was able to build up my property portfolio. I was able to do that by having good systems in place. The challenge I had was that I was always looking for a good app to help me manage my properties, but I couldn’t find one.”

About two years ago Richard decided to build his own app. He brought a couple of people together to raise some money, and with some developers on-board they were able to create the app that was the start of Alphaletz. Richard commented that since the launch of the app they’ve received some exceptional feedback.

By receiving user feedback the team are able to constantly fine tune and update the system to ensure it’s providing what their users need.

“The timing is great because in the last few years we’ve seen more compliance and more tax changes. It’s getting harder and harder to be a landlord. So there needs to a system out there to help you (landlords) get through that.”

“Through the covid pandemic people are now more at home and are used to using technology. They are looking at how to get their information into a digital system.”

Wendy commented “When I’m evaluating an app or tool I want to know, does this person really understand what it’s like for me dealing with tenants, or maintenance or those day to day issues.”

This is a short introduction to the discussion. Listen to the full video interview here

About Wendy Whittaker-Large

Wendy Whittaker-Large is a property investor, entrepreneur, public speaker and author. Wendy runs the Facebook group “The Ultimate HMO Success System” – a group focused on bringing you relevant topics, support and help if you are investing or interested in HMOs.

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