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Your tenant's essentials, squashed into a single bill

Setting up things like utilities, broadband, council tax & tv licenses is usually the first thing anyone does when changing address!

Alphaletz makes this incredibly easy for both you and your tenant, while creating a lasting first impression.

Bills Packages for Alphaletz

Earn up to £5 monthly for every paying tenant that purchases their utilities through Alphaletz!💡

Letting Agent PRS or Property Ombudsman

Why use Alphaletz?

Watch Utilities In Action!

How does it work?

Add Tenant Utilities to Alphaletz and Squash them Into One Bill

Create a Lease

Set up Alphaletz and add your tenant to a new or existing lease.

Council Tax Water and Energy for Tenants

Invite Your Tenants

When creating a lease, Alphaletz will ask if you want to send your tenants a utilities offer.

Alphaletz Utility Bill

Earn Recurring Revenue

Your tenant will receive a text message, offering them a competitive, all-in-one utilities package.

Generate Revenue from Alphaletz

Earn revenue from Alphaletz!

Provide your tenant with the opportunity to grab the essentials, all packaged into a single bill. Whenever they sign up? You’ll earn a monthly recurring commission.

So not only are you providing your tenants with an all-in-one solution to utility bills, you’re also generating passive income for using your favourite Property Management Software!

Start using Alphaletz now

Alphaletz is free for your first property or unit, giving you full access to all the app's features.

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