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About us

Alphaletz is the app for landlords and landlord groups who want to save time and money when running their property business.

Who are Alphaletz?

Our team is a unique blend of technologists, startup strategists and property owners. We’re based in Buckinghamshire, UK, but we’re working to support landlords across the globe with our software.

Built by landlords, for landlords

We started Alphaletz after experiencing for ourselves how complicated it is to rent out multiple properties. And in the UK, we’ve seen how new regulations are squeezing landlords’ profits tightly.

Alphaletz is designed to be a simple, cost-effective solution to these problems. Our mission is to free you from the burden of spreadsheets and paperwork, so you can free up time and keep an eye on your profits.

Have a say in our next update

We’re developing new features for Alphaletz based on what our users want. If you’re a landlord, we’d love to hear your suggestions.

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Alphaletz is free for your first property or unit, giving you full access to all the app's features.

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