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Business overview

Get a quick summary of missing rent, property voids, compliance deadlines and more. 

See your whole business at-a-glance

Add your property, finance, and compliance data to the app to see any pressing issues in the overview and property dashboards.

Start using Alphaletz now

Alphaletz is free for your first property or unit, giving you full access to all the app’s features.

Alphaletz Intelligent Rental Tracking Property Management Software

Get a heads-up on voids and outstanding rent

Use Alphaletz to record your incoming payments and track when tenants come and go. 

  • Instantly see how many units are unoccupied
  • Get notifications when tenants are in arrears
  • See warnings about upcoming lease expiries

View your most urgent tasks

Add important activities and compliance duties to the task manager in seconds. You’ll get an instant overview of upcoming tasks in the overview dashboard, so you never miss a deadline.


Keep a handle on your finances

Alphaletz makes it easy to record your income, expenses and mortgage details, so you can get a quick readout of your finances.

  • See a visual summary of your profits and expenses
  • Adjust the financial period to your preference
  • Filter by individual properties

See your suppliers

Alphaletz stores the details of suppliers you use, along with records of the work they did previously.


Search records by property

Link the profiles of suppliers, tenants and co-owners to individual properties to stay organised.


Use on mobile

Alphaletz works great on mobile so you can check tasks, record updates, and look up information on-the-go.

What our customers have to say

  • Joanna K, Alphaletz Customer 5 star rating

    “Yippee it’s Alphaletz for me! I’m now using the app to manage my Residential and Commercial lettings. Really impressed with the cleanness and smoothness of the screen and input. Now I can finally get rid of my trusty spreadsheets.”

    Joanna K

    Experienced Property Professional with 13 properties

  • stokepropertybuyer 5 star rating

    “After reviewing other software options, we felt Alphaletz was more geared to landlords with the ability to track compliance and safety certificates, such as gas and EPCs. Plus, it’s got everything I need to run the admin side of my business.”

    Matt Booth

    Property Investor with 45 properties

Start using Alphaletz now

Alphaletz is free for your first property or unit, giving you full access to all the app's features.

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