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Easy to Upgrade

As your portfolio grows you can easily move and upgrade to the next plan at any time

Free support

Telephone support is available for free to all users on subscription plans

Mobile app included

The Alphaletz mobile app is included and available for download in the App Stores

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a free trial?

Rather than a time limited trial we offer a starter account for one property completely free which includes full functionality. 

It’s easy to upgrade at anytime when you’re ready to add more properties.

Who is Alphaletz for?

Alphaletz is for single let or HMO multi unit landlords who typically have between 3-200 properties. There is no limit on the number that you can manage in your account.

Whether you use a managing agent or not, Alphaletz provides:

  • time savings of around 50%
  • a snapshot of your business at any time
  • reminders to stay compliant & to renew policies and certificates 
  • Mobile app for IOS and Android
  • easy financial reporting, and much more!

Do I have access to customer support?

Yes, you can contact customer support anytime via the help button within your account or email info@alphaletz.com. We endeavour to respond within four business working hours.

We take great pride in working with our users to provide the best property management platform. 

We love to receive feedback of all types so that we can continuously innovate.  If you would like to see an additional feature, please let us know!

How secure is my data?

When it comes to securing your data, we take this extremely seriously.

All data is encrypted in the database using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). This level of security is used throughout the world to protect sensitive data. Data is continuously backed up.

We cannot see any of the user data. We can see the date an account was created, the account owner’s contact information, and the number of properties or units logged. This information is required for the subscription plans. We do NOT share your data with any third parties.

Lastly, to protect the user front end, we provide an auto time out after 30 minutes. The user will see pop a message to stay logged in, or the system will simply log them out automatically.

What regions do you support?

Our solution is available worldwide. Users can select a default currency of £ Pounds, € Euros or $ Dollars.

What our customers have to say

  • 5 star rating

    “Being able to work more efficiently has allowed me to save around 20% of my time. This means I have more time to enjoy my sporting passions.”

    Alistair Abbot


  • 5 star rating

    “There is no scrambling to find receipts for month end or late fees for tax return filing, as all the information is logged in the system.”

    Khurem Farooq


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