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Compliance and safety

Easily track and access important compliance and safety documents on any device

Don’t risk heavy fines or lose sleep over non compliance

Never worry if your properties are up to date with all the legal and compliance stuff, let Alphaletz help you keep on top of everything, from gas safety certs to your HMO license.

Try one property or unit free

Alphaletz is free for your first property or unit, giving you full access to all the app’s features.


Less stress for you

In each property section you can set alerts against important documents and filter by type. Reminder dates will show up right on your property screen alerting you to safety renewals or even service repairs such as annual boiler checks.


Easily download your documents

If you need to send any important documents to your managing agent, accountant or even tenant, now you can store everything in one easy place and download with one click. Simple.


Insurance, Safety, HMO licenses

As well as having instant access to all your important documents from any device,  you can also save notes of important conversations too, like for good tenant records, suppliers or just general property information. Example documents include:

  • Gas safety, EICR’s, EPC’s, insurance
  • HMO licenses, tenancy deposit info
  • Tenancy agreements, agent documents
  • Expense receipts for warranty tracking


Safety renewals

Fines can be as much as £50,000 in some areas of the UK, Alphaletz lets you easily set alerts so you never have to worry again


Avoid empty properties

Alphaletz alerts you 2 months before a tenancy is going to expire, giving you plenty of time to renew or re-market your property.


Insurance renewals

Easily filter by document type so you can see all your document types in one easy view with expiration dates.

What our customers have to say

  • Hazel-OBrien 5 star rating

    “I love the fact that my husband and I can work on our property business using Alphaletz without duplicating efforts. It’s so easy to keep on top of compliance now and we both have full visibility, on-line or from the app.”

    Hazel O’Brien


  • Khurem-Farooq 5 star rating

    “There is no scrambling to find receipts for month end or late fees for tax return filing, as all the information is logged in the system.”

    Khurem Farooq


Start using Alphaletz now

Alphaletz is free for your first property or unit, giving you full access to all the app's features.

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