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Energy Crisis: Law Forces Landlords to Hand Over £400 Rebate

A brief update on legislative changes...

Unfortunately, due to recent changes in legislation, Landlords will now be forced to hand over the £400 energy bill rebate to their tenants with all inclusive bills.

With an estimate of 13% of households (around 585,000) currently paying rent with bills included.

This comes with the concerns raised by various charities like Shelter & Citizens Advice. 

Their goal was to highlight that tenants whose bills are all inclusive could potentially miss out on the savings if they’re paid directly to the Landlord.

However, the legislative change has been met with fierce criticism, with objections from bodies like the NRLA who said that the plans set out by the government ‘demonises’ Landlords.

Chris Norris, policy director for the NRLA voiced concerns that the legislative shift paints Landlords in a bad light, with assumptions that the government needs to step in to make sure Landlords do the right thing.

Can I Increase the Cost of My Properties Rent

When do the energy crisis savings kick in?

The savings have been outlined to be paid from October onwards in six instalments to help with the ongoing energy crisis combined with cost of living difficulties faced by many families across the United Kingdom.

How will I receive my grant?

For those with Direct Debits set up with energy suppliers, the discounts will automatically be applied as a credit to bills. 

It may vary slightly differently if the metre is prepaid, with the possibility of applying credit as a top up or an alternative voucher that can be cashed in depending on whether the metre is smart or not.

What you can do!

Now is a better time than ever to focus on keeping costs low. There’s a few tips & tricks we have in place to help save money on energy bills. Click here to read our article ‘5 Tips to Save Money on Energy Bills.’

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