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Property Management Enhancements

With our promise to bring you new features and enhancements every two to three weeks, we are pleased to bring you the latest updates, available now!

Property Management Enhancements with NEW Owner Module, Google Auto Populate, Expense Management, and more!

Add Multiple Owners
Do you have properties in your personal name or company name? Do you share properties or manage properties for family members or friends?

No problem, the new Owner Module allows you to link properties to owners providing greater flexibility and visibility of the property portfolio with associated income and expense. There is no limit on the number of owners by property.

Alphaletz is completely modular, so you can link or unlink owners, properties, tenants, suppliers, and contacts as you wish.

Shortly we will be adding a filter on the dashboard to give you multiple different views of your portfolio by owner or property.

Google Auto Populate
Every address or company name in the world that is listed with Google will now auto populate as you start to type. It will also pick up the web addresses, company phone numbers and even Google ratings, straight into the app and will save you masses of time as you enter properties, suppliers, contacts and even tenant details.

More Time Saving Features
All our features aim to simplify and automate the busy lives of landlords. Our latest time saving features include:

  • One click reconcile – When you set up a new tenancy agreement, all the payments will be shown in the ‘Rent Scheduler’ eliminating the need to re-enter a new payment every month. With just a single click you can reconcile each payment as it comes in during the month or bring historical rent payments up to date in seconds.
  • Simplified lease renewals with field auto population
  • Improved reminder notifications – We have added a ‘Reminder Date’ as well as a ‘Due Date’ in the reminders section. Great for scheduling those service calls or certificate renewals well in advance.
  • Sort and search functionality now available in notes.

Enhanced functionality in managing expenses allows expenses to be added to properties straight from the dashboard, or from the supplier record. See exactly how much you have spent by supplier as well as by property.

Improved Expense Categories
We have added some new default expense categories in line with tax returns, plus you still have the option to add and customise as many as you like for income, expense or reminder categories.

Security is at the core of our development. We protect user access to your data via automated account time-out reminders every 60 minutes.

To improve the account signup process, users are now required to confirm their email address to verify the correct contact details are captured and ensure user authenticity. Plus, improved forgotten password automation too.

What else would you like to see?

We are looking for more ‘Super Users’ to help us prioritise new features and shape our future direction. Could that be you? If so, drop us an email at info@alphaletz.com

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