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Finding the Right Tenants with a Renters Application Form

Your properties are your investment, so it’s only right that you’d want to be pre-cautious about the type of tenants you take on.

However, as Landlords, we know that trying to screen every single applicant can be time-consuming and laborious.

And with legislative changes, Landlords can no longer charge tenant’s fees, so before going to the expense of doing a credit check, we recommend thoroughly screening the tenant.

So let’s talk about a renters application form, what are they and do they genuinely save you time?

Let’s get stuck into the blog!

What is Alphaletz Property Management Software

What is a renters application form?

A renters application form is a document that Landlords use to effectively pre-screen tenants and gather crucial information at a preliminary stage.

Renter application forms can give you an insight into what your tenant is like as a person, how well your tenant is doing and on any irregularities that you should be aware of.

It can also give you a heads up on any potential problems that may arise during their tenancy.

Businessman holding pencil at big complete checklist with tick marks.

Things like criminal records, previous evictions or bankruptcies can impact you as a Landlord and not all tenants will willingly declare them.

Rental applications are a soft, gentle way of asking for this information without coming across as intrusive.

Why are renters applications beneficial?

Are Pre Tenancy Checks Beneficial

Knowing from an early stage that a prospective tenant has (for example) prior convictions or previous filings for bankruptcy can be a great way to protect your investment.

Declarations of bankruptcy on a tenant’s record can indicate that they’re less likely to pay rent than other potential tenants and can help you make better, informed decisions on which renters you’re going to take on. 

Being aware of prior convictions is always handy, too. However, some countries or counties might prevent you from basing an application’s denial on prior convictions, so we recommend looking this up first.

What does a tenant application need to cover?

Cartoon people standing around a form, one with a magnifying glass. A pencil is on the ground at the forefront.

There’s no concrete answer for this.

Pre-tenancy rental forms can be tweaked to match the criteria of the Landlord/Property Manager who creates them.

However, traditional pre-tenancy checks can be justifiably extensive and thorough. It is your investment you’re trying to protect, after all!

A tenant application we created covers things like employment history, tenancy history and asks for personal aspects of a tenant’s life, such as whether they’re a smoker or have pets.

These will help you get an idea of the person you’re considering bringing into your property and whether it’s worth it in the long run.

Can a pre tenancy application form help me get good tenants?

A male, supposedly a Landlord, handing a female tenant a key.

The answer, in short, is yes, if practised with due diligence.

It’s down to you to make your own decisions, however, being given the correct information at the right time can seriously benefit you as a Landlord.

Your properties are your livelihood, so obviously, it‘s in your own best interests to take a hard pass on renters that might cause problems.

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