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7 Ways Landlord Apps Can Make Your Investment More Profitable

What a world we live in today.

Tech-based innovations continue to improve our lives in almost every respect, allowing professionals across several industries to get better results, enjoy more profitability efficiency, and make their lives easier.

And with property management software like Alphaletz, you get the best software out there, giving you convenient solutions for your property management.

Real estate software solutions are revolutionizing how the global real estate industry works.

For decades, landlords and property managers had to use paper and email to document financial accounts, write inspection and audit reports, cater to tenant demands, and much more.

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Well, the right software solution in the palm of your hands can make all that hassle a thing of the past.

Landlords and property managers have started using better tools to monitor their properties and efficiently handle day-to-day operations.

Strategic Market Research predicts that the global PropTech market will grow to £2.3 billion by 2030.

As with anything new, you might be hesitant about investing in new tech as a landlord or property manager.

We have written this post to highlight some ways the right software can help you get more out of your property investment than you can ever get through legacy systems.

Read on to understand why working with Alphaletz could be one of the best decisions you can make to realize your real estate investment goals.

7 Benefits of Landlord Apps

Let’s consider why you should also shift to using property management software solutions to unlock your true potential.

1. You can enhance data tracking.

If you own a single investment property and manage day-to-day property management tasks yourself, you are most probably aware of the challenges in tracking and gathering financial data.

Manually tracking the data can become overwhelming if you own or manage multiple properties, especially multi-unit houses and apartments.

The right software can help you eliminate human error by automating data recording. You can get the overall picture of the financial details without worrying about inaccuracies.

You get a clearer perspective of where you need to make changes to enhance your return on investment and improve your profitability.

2. You save time and money.

Checking Tenants Credit before they move in

The best apps for landlords are far better at automating most of your tasks, making all your processes faster and more efficient compared to legacy systems.

With great speed comes great profitability.

After all, time is money, and with most of your tasks automated, you can get more work done in a shorter time span.

When you have more time on your hands, it becomes easier for you to handle maintenance requests from tenants and several other daily tasks. Happier tenants mean higher occupancy rates and wider profit margins.

3. You can grow without limits.

Property Management Software Landlord Growth

Scaling your property investment business is the only way to truly grow and enjoy successful growth as a landlord or property manager.

Expanding your portfolio to add more properties to manage is difficult with legacy systems.

Traditional systems cannot match the changing requirements of a growing property management business due to being prone to human error.

Well-designed landlord software drastically reduces human error. It also helps you manage and organize larger quantities of data efficiently.

You will no longer need to sort through heaps of unformatted data. The right software solution will handle it all for you, letting you focus on operations instead of menial tasks and scale your business.

4. The convenience of a one-stop solution.

Landlords and property managers using legacy systems know that spreadsheets with limited features are insufficient.

They have to purchase several software packages, invest in task management systems and set up online payment platforms — mostly from multiple providers — just to do the bare minimum.

The right property management software solution allows you to consolidate everything into one well-organized and convenient package.

No more shifting between multiple software to handle all your daily tasks — you can do it all in one place.

5. No more human error.

Making mistakes is a fundamental human quality.

We are all prone to it and guilty of making small errors that lead to major problems.

Incorrect data entry is only one of the potential risks of using legacy systems for your property management business.

Many things can go wrong, from file corruption to data deletion or overwriting.

With the right software solution at your fingertips, you have better methods to check for and correct errors.

The data is stored in the cloud, protecting it from file corruption or deletion issues.

6. Shrink accountancy costs.

Accountant standing around a calculator, a woman sits on top managing her properties.

Suppose you own or manage a large portfolio of real estate.

You must be pulling in a substantial amount in monthly rental income.

The more revenue you generate, the more challenging it can be to keep track of the financial data.

Most landlords and property managers dealing with large portfolios pay accountants a lot of money to handle several tasks.

Investing in the right software solution automates tracking transaction data by pulling it directly from your bank statement.

You can match the expense against different properties in your portfolio, making it easier to create expense reports.

Reducing your accountant’s workload can save a ton of money on fees.

7. Make compliance with regulations much easier.

Following Regulations & Compliance as a Landlord

Landlords and property managers handling large portfolios comprising several properties know how difficult it is to remain compliant.

You have a ton of tasks to handle, and it is easy for important work to slip your mind.

Unfortunately, the authorities will not take it lightly if you forget to renew your gas or energy certificates.

The right software has integrated task management features that let you set reminders for important tasks.

You can get notifications on your phone for upcoming tasks you must handle, ensuring you do not forget anything.

It means you will have fewer tenant complaints to deal with and eliminate penalties.

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