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Best App for Landlords & Choosing Landlord Software

Legacy systems are slowly being left behind and for good reason. There’s a sudden spur of landlord apps entering the market, but with so many, you might find yourself asking…

“Which tool is right for me?”

What is Alphaletz Property Management Software

The platform you choose should make life easier, not harder. There shouldn’t be too much of a learning curve either or else you run the risk of taking on a bigger task than necessary.

So, without further ado… Let’s get into the meat of this blog!

Ps. If you’re still not convinced about the concept to begin with, you’ll want to read our blog covering some of the ways landlord apps can help.

5 things you should look for when buying PropTech

Here’s a few factors you should consider when purchasing the right piece of PropTech for your portfolio starting with some of the most obvious!

1. Ease of use

When window shopping PropTech, you’ll want to make sure that the platform you’re looking to move to is easy to navigate.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of software out there that’s poorly designed, and this’ll make your job of moving over very very difficult!

Not only will it burden any potential transition, but it’ll also intterupt your day-to-day operations and cost you money!

So try to make sure that the shoes fit before you walk a mile in them!

Should I check a tenants credit score

2. Is your data secure?

Unfortunately, some software developers don’t value the importance of data security and this can land Landlords in extremely hot water if any sensitive data is comprimised.

And usually, once you’ve found out that the platform you’re using isn’t prioritising data safety, it’s too late.

Fortunately, most Property Management Apps are cloud-based, meaning the security of your data is held to a high standard. This is something to look out for, as being cloud-based is often the most secure option for PropTech platforms.

3. Is the price right?

A pretty obvious one! You want return on your investment, right?

We all do!

But hear me out.

A low-cost alternative isn’t always going to be the most suited.

Usually, the next-to-nothing Property Management Apps are outdated and are no longer being worked on.

So if you have to pay a little bit extra for a better product, don’t be alarmed. 

Rent Guarantee Insurance for Landlords

Historically, the more premium PropTech products are easy to adopt and have had a lot of design consideration go into them at an early stage. 

They’re also being developed to meet the criteria for things like Making Tax Digital 2024, which is something the older alternatives aren’t.

4. Down-time & adoptability

Time is money.

Having four, five or just one member of your team take extended periods of time to wrap their heads round a clunky piece of tech is, in short, extremely counterproductive.

The app you choose needs to be ready to go out-of-the-box.

Some admin work may be required but that’s the same across all Property Management Platforms.

Checking a tenants history

The product should, however, be developed in a way to ease this transition. 

Landlord apps like Alphaletz allow you to easily mark historical rents as paid, creating an up-to-date recollection of lease payments and the dates they fall on.

This means that in a couple of clicks, your properties can be pulled straight into a brand new system without too much leg work needing to be done.

5. Check the reviews

Take criticisms & positive feedback into account when looking at a product. 

There’s no better testimonial than from someone who’s been there and done that, and this rings true with technology purchases.

Use websites like Trustpilot, G2, Capterra, SoftwareAdvice and GetApp for honest feedback.

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