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Introducing Alphaletz Utilities!

Council tax, energy bills, water and broadband. The essentials.

These are all things your tenants typically sign up for before or after moving in to a new property.

The only frustration with signing up for 5 or 6 different services and suppliers is 5 or 6 different bills. This can be a hassle to juggle especially if your payment dates are varied. 

Fortunately, there's an easier way.

As of August 2022, Alphaletz now offers an integrated Utilities solution that you can offer to your tenants in just a couple of clicks.

And it’s incredibly simple to do!

Watch our video below or click here to head straight to our guide at the bottom of this blog.

How does Alphaletz Utilities work?

Upload to Alphaletz

It’s easy! When setting up a lease for an existing property with Alphaletz, tick the box that asks if you’d like to add Utilities to the lease.

What happens then?

SMS Email Notification

Your tenant will then receive a text/email with a link that they can tap to open.

Utilities Package

The link allows them to fully customise their own utilities package at competitive prices.


You’ll be given your own dashboard to track the progress of each utilities offer you’ve sent.

Earn commission from using Utilities!

Choose Your Bills Package

Make money whilst using your favourite property management software!

For every household that signs up for Alphaletz Utilities, we’ll give you a recurring £5 commission for as long as that subscription is active!

How do I add Utilities to a new lease?

When creating a new lease, all you need to do is make sure the box that asks if you’d like to add utilities is ticked.

This will trigger the automatic SMS & Email to the tenant with their utilities offer attached which they can customise, adding or removing things they do or don’t want.


How do I add Utilities to an existing lease?

It’s incredibly easy to add utilities to a pre-existing lease. 

You can watch our video below to learn more.

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