New update rolled out 27th Feb! Enhancements to tenant pages. Refresh your screen to view.

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Alphaletz v7.0.0 Goes Live!

Our fantastic development team have been hard at work…

…to bring you Alphaletz v7.0.0, packed full of exciting new features & improvements.

Alphaletz V7

So, what's new in v7.0.0?

Great question! Here’s a table of contents to help you navigate easier.

1. *NEW FEATURE* Intelligent Rent Renconciliation

2. Performance & Bug Improvements

1. Intelligent Rent Reconciliation

We’ve added a few things that you’re going to love.

The first being Find & Match. Find & Match makes moving from a Spreadsheet or an existing system easier than ever before.

We’ve also added a better user flow to our rent scheduler, making Alphaletz more flexible when checking off past, present or future rental income.

Watch our video below to learn more about the new updates we’ve launched as part of v7.0.0.

We’ve made it even easier to mark historic or future rents as paid with added levels of flexibility. With Alphaletz v7.0.0, you can now check off rental income individually or in bulk, saving you heaps of time.

We’ve also added the ability to split rental payments across multiple periods too!

For existing users, it’ll also make bulk reconciling rental income or expenses a total breeze. 

Performance & Bug Improvements

– Added a performance fix to Smart Reports to make them generate even quicker.

– Fixed a filtering issue within Smart Reports.

– Fixed an issue within the expense module.

– Enhanced certain parts of our expense module.

– Fixed a universal issue across tenants, contacts, suppliers & overview screens.

Please note! If your dashboard doesn’t say v7.0.0 at the bottom, you’ll need to refresh your browser. 

If this doesn’t change the version, try clearing your browser cache or logging out & back in.

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For mobile users, please ensure your app is up to date via the Apple App or Google Play store!

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