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4 Handy Networking Tips for A Letting Agent

Letting agents handle several responsibilities for their landlords. Often, this includes finding suitable tenants, advertising properties, and handling legal documents.

On top of this, you’re expected to collect rent and answer tenants’ concerns.

These tasks entail a lot of organisation, which is why our article on ‘Spreadsheets vs. Property Management Software’ outlines how using software can help in this aspect.

It keeps track of everything in one place, allowing you to efficiently carry out tasks with minimal fuss.

However, there won’t be a use for it unless you have landlords to work with in the first place.

This is why networking within the industry is extremely important. Here are a few tips to help you network:

Collaborate with Local Businesses

As a letting agent, you work with several local businesses from locksmiths to cleaning companies.

Starting your networking journey with them is a surefire way to get your name out there.

To start, propose a mutually beneficial relationship with these businesses and ask if you can recommend each other’s work to clients.

Estate Agent Networking

For instance, if you’re in a position where you’re asked for a cleaning service recommendation, point them towards their company.

Likewise, they should do the same for you if their clients are looking for a letting agent. This is a great way to network by word of mouth and help each other in the process.

Use Digital Business Cards

Digital business cards are virtual versions of paper business cards.

Using online digital card makers and apps, ensures that the cards are customisable by adding designs, links, media, and files with regards to your profession.

Because they’re digital, you can instantly send a link or QR code of your card to a recipient via e-mail, SMS, or even social media.

Real Estate Networking for Estate Agent

Moreover, digital business card provider Doorway notes that digital business cards keep your data safe by granting you full control and ownership over your own data.

What you include on your card is completely up to you. Furthermore, your card and its contents are transferred using a vcard QR code, meaning they’re not stored publicly on the internet.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that you’re dealing with sensitive contact information so make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Attend Networking Events like Property Investor Show

A direct way to make connections is by attending events that are specifically made for professionals in the industry. 

These can range from property auctions to rental industry conferences, which are attended by fellow letting agents, real estate managers, and landlords with whom you can make connections.

There are several networking events held by different groups throughout the year.

The UK Apartment Association is an organization for the build-to-rent community that has events ranging from panel discussions to webinars. 

Another is the annual Property Investor Show for anyone looking to earn from property investment. 

These are the occasions you can meet potential landlords to work with, so make sure to have your device charged up to share your digital business cards.

Take your estate agent work to social media

A social media account will allow your business to take advantage of the platforms’ reach. Estate Agent Networking reports that 83% discovered a new product via social media, specifically on Instagram. 

And while they discuss that Instagram may not be the most suitable for rental industry professionals, there are other options to consider.

Viral video platform TikTok typically hosts 20-30 second videos, so letting agents can post snippets of properties they’ve handled for potential clients and landlords to see. 

If you want to post longer and more in-depth property tours, YouTube is the way to go. In addition, Letting Agent Today recommends social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Estate Agent Networking with Local Businesses

The former works best for news and updates like tweeting your blog posts, TikTok and YouTube links, and the like are a great fit. 

Facebook can showcase photos of the properties you’ve handled so landlords can get an impression of your skills. 

Just make sure to promptly respond to any inquiries you receive to assure them of your reliability.

Letting agents must practice networking to increase their landlord base. 

By partnering with local businesses, using social media, participating in networking events, and distributing digital business cards, you can begin your networking journey today.

If you’re on the lookout for employment, be sure to checkout the various estate agent job openings online.

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Piece prepared by Katie Blaire Maddox, for Alphaletz.

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