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Landlord Boiler Cover – Do I Need It?

Boiler cover, in most cases, can be a cushy safety blanket for Landlords in event of boiler breakdown. But…

Is Boiler Cover necessary? What does it cover? How much does it cost?

Let’s dive into the blog below where we’ll answer all the questions above and more.

What is Boiler Cover?

Hopefully, you’re not stuck on the idea of what boiler cover is! However, for those that aren’t certain on what it might involve, let’s go through the basics.

Boiler Cover is a pretty low cost insurance product designed to cover boiler & central heating systems within your property.

Boiler cover plans can include…

  • Central Heating Repairs.
  • Boiler Repairs.
  • An annual service for your boiler.
  • Emergency callouts, parts & any labour necessary.

Boilers can be pretty expensive, so it’s always good to make sure you’re covered in the event of an emergency. Boilers provide hot water to the property and can essentially ruin tenant relationships if they’re not fixed quickly in the event of a breakdown and understandably so.

Do I Need Landlord Boiler Cover?

Boiler Cover is not a legal requirement. So no, you don’t need it. But it’s always better to have it handy just in case, especially because of how cost effective it is too.

Although, if you have an old boiler that’s been repaired more times than you can count, it’s always better to just replace the system before it goes on the fritz.

Moving My Properties into a Limited Company

What you don’t want is for your boiler to break down during the Holiday period, as it can be pretty difficult to find someone who can rush out to repair or replace a boiler without it costing the earth.

We highly recommend brands like BoilerCentral who respectively offer next day fitting on new boilers, nationwide.

Because after all, the next day fitting on a new boiler is certainly cheaper than having to house a family in a hotel over the Christmas period whilst you get the central heating sorted.

Types of Boiler Cover

It’s worth noting that depending on the provider, their cover plans might vary slightly.

Some offer cover on the boiler unit & controls only whereas others can provide protection for the whole central heating system within your property.

This part entirely depends on your budget and what you think is affordable.

There’s no right, wrong or average as boiler cover can also vary depending on the model you’ve got in the property.

As a rule of thumb, parts, labour & call out costs are usually included, so make sure when you purchase boiler cover that there’s no additional cost required to call somebody out to make the necessary repairs.

What Isn't Covered?

Things like limescale & sludge build up aren’t usually covered in boiler cover plans. Once again, ensure that this is checked before you take out the necessary insurance.

Central heating, plumbing costs & electrics are additional features that might not be covered in generic plans either.

One way you can avoid this is by ensuring that the boiler is used consistently, even when it isn’t needed. This could be in the summer months or especially if the property is vacant for longer periods of time.

You can also purchase a power flush from a local plumbing company which can remove sludge and limescale from your boiler system. Typically the costs on these vary from around ÂŁ350-ÂŁ500.

So... Get your boiler checked.

Ideally, you should have your boiler checked at least once per year by a registered Gas Safety Engineer who can correctly diagnose and repair any prospective faults.

It’s great to try and align this annual check just before winter to make sure no faults go unnoticed, as the majority of boiler usage tends to be in the colder months.

You’ll want to make sure your boiler is up for the task!

Find cover that suits you.

We’ll always recommend shopping around for the best boiler cover plan that suits you.

A handy tip is to make sure you choose a plan with a reputable provider who can repair or replace your boiler unit in case of an emergency.

Check standard market rates to make sure you’re paying the right amount for the type of boiler you have.

Maintenance Cartoon

It’s worth noting that as Landlords ourselves, we regularly renew boiler cover plans alongside forms of protection like rent guarantee insurance, especially during the current financial climate.

We’re pretty strong believers in the right insurance policies as unfortunately a lot of Landlords don’t realise the value until it’s far too late.

So do yourself a favour and don’t just ignore the loud, unhealthy noises that your tenants boiler might be making. It’s always best to plan regular inspections to the property just to ensure that this isn’t the case.

If you find it to be in bad nick?

Get it repaired or replaced.

 Winter is rapidly approaching which is when your boiler is likely to be stress tested. You don’t want it conking out when your tenants need it the most.

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