Version 9.0 goes live on Tuesday December 5th – with huge performance improvements  📺

Servers will be down for 5 hours between 12 midnight and 5am as we roll this out

Please refresh your browser and look for v9.0 at the bottom of the dashboard page


Am I able to track HMO properties?

Yes, you can track information against a specific unit (room) or by the whole property. By creating a lease for each unit, the rent schedule will be automatically created.

We offer the flexibility to track capital expenses, documents and notes against the whole building and/or by individual unit.

Can you manage properties with multiple or different owners in one account?

Yes, you can link owners to specific properties and filter on the dashboard screen too.

If you have a mix of properties in your own name, company name or manage properties for other people, you can link the relevant owners to specific units or properties.  

Our Smart Reporting functionality allows you to create income and expense reports by owner, saving time and providing visibility at any moment of the property portfolio.

Can I export financial data for my tax return?

Yes, our Smart Reporting means you can search, view, and export all income and expenses information by owner, property, tenant, supplier, in fact anyway you want it, in a spreadsheet or PDF, all summarised in an easy to read format that your accountant will love you for!

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